Mission of Club Alliance360

Our mission is to build a participative economy dedicated to improving the quality of life of its participants. We bring together donors, workers, and consumers around a common goal: to create shared wealth in an equitable manner. By fostering active participation from everyone, we establish a committed community where cooperation and sharing are the foundations of collective prosperity.


Alliance360, as its name suggests, represents a community uniting individuals and businesses within a dynamic ecosystem. Our primary responsibility is to provide essential tools to build a participative and circular economy.

The A360 Information Technology Platform

Created and maintained by the Club, this information technology platform exposes crucial tools for the realization of our vision:

  • Transparency: Complete information sharing on all our projects.
  • Decentralized decision-making : All members participate in decisions through smart contracts, thus promoting democratic governance.
  • Financial management: For the Club and all participating businesses, ensuring security, transparency, and efficiency through the use of smart contracts.
  • Access to expertise: Free knowledge sharing within a database on the platform, following the principle of "receive freely, give freely".
  • Exposure to new markets: Marketing activities, including a partnership with the Artisans of Peace movement.


We aspire to create a decentralized environment where these tools become the pillars of a collaborative economy, thus fostering shared prosperity within our community

Welcome to the Club.